twitter-bird-light-bgsTwitter is a free real-time social networking site where users can exchange “tweets” (public instant messages) of up to 140 characters.  Twitter allows you to share links, stories, update, announcements, events, and more.

Twitter was founded in 2006 and created as a way for its development team to group text one another.  Today, Twitter has over 500 million regular users.

Signing up for Twitter is a free, relatively simple process.  It’s a good idea to have a short description of your organization and the logo or photo you’d like to use for your profile.

Organizations use Twitter to follow customers, constituents, prospects, news and media outlets, celebrities, brands, friends and family members.  Twitter thrives on interaction between its users.  And while it may take some time to used to communicating in just 140 characters, you’ll soon come to master the brevity that Twitter requires.

Twitter is a great way to share information with your organization’s network.  Start by tweeting helpful tips, answer questions and even engage in one-on-one conversations.

Let your key audiences know you are participating in Twitter by including a Twitter button (along with other Social Media accounts) on your website and in your email signature.  Be sure to follow people who are important to your organization, very often, they will follow you back.

Over time, your followers will grow and your organization will benefit from the extended exposure your Twitter community can offer.