Adding Pinterest To Your Social Media Mix

pinterest-logoSocial Media allows you to be visible where your ideal customer is logging in.  Rather than interrupting an individual with an ad, email or direct mail piece, Social Media allows you to be present an online network where your prospects and customers are spending their time.

Given the explosive growth Pinterest has enjoyed – in just three years Pinterest has already grown to 70 million users who average 98 minutes of time spent on the site and 2.5 billion page views a month – chances are your ideal customer is among them.

Pinterest Leverages Visual Appeal

Pinterest proves out the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words.  So it is important that when you participate in Pinterest you begin with the visual – a photo, an icon, or an image – to grab the attention of your audience.

Think of a bulletin board where you pin notices, photos, calendars, and notices – Pinterest works the exact same way.  You can easily repurpose announcements, blog articles, other social media updates with the emphasis on the image that goes along with those messages.

Increase Awareness with Pinterest

Building awareness for your organization and driving traffic to your website can be effectively done through Pinterest just as with other Social Media platforms.  All that’s needed is a clear strategy and regular participation.

Pinterest works much the same way other Social Media works, but has a slightly different vocabulary.  Where a blog uses ‘categories’ to organize content, Pinterest uses ‘boards’.  When you share someone’s Tweet on Twitter it’s called a ‘retweet’, when you share someone’s content on Pinterest it’s called ‘repin’.  Once you familiarize yourself with the platform, it’s very easy to understand and participate.

It’s easy to measure how much traffic Pinterest drives to your website as it will be captured by your analytics tools.

Strategy Before Tactics

As with any Social Media marketing tactic, strategy comes first.  Think about what visual content you can share that will provide value to your ideal customers and prospects on Pinterest.  Then commit to regular updates and follow your analytics to measure the effectiveness of your ‘pinning’.