Creating Community with Facebook
Like all Social Media, Facebook is first and foremost a place to socialize.  But Facebook can also be a great place to develop customer and prospect relationships that can lead to additional business.  The trick is to communicate as you would at a networking event rather than overly sales driven approach.

The Power of Facebook
There are 1 billion people using Facebook who update, comment or “like” an average of 3.2 billion times per day.  Within the United States, 20% of all Internet page views occur on Facebook.  And 80% of U.S. social network users prefer to use Facebook to connect to brands.

We simply can’t ignore the draw of Facebook, and good marketing instincts would be to participate where our customers and prospects prefer to virtually congregate.

Be Likeable and Shareable to Flourish on Facebook
facebook_like_button_bigIf you provide a steady stream of interesting and compelling content on your Facebook page, you’ll soon begin developing an ever-increasing community of fans.  The larger your Facebook community, the more people will be exposed to your brand and your updates.

Good Content is Key
First and foremost deliver content that addresses your customers’ pain points:  things that they are likely to be struggling with on a regular basis.  While the solution to the pain may be your products or services, it could also be tools and services you’ve discovered and use.

Pay attention to what your community is talking about.  People don’t participate in Social Media to be ignored.  Share updates that your customers have posted if it would be of interest to others in your community.  It’s a small gesture, but it shows that you are willing to help them spread the word.

People Love Pictures
Facebook metrics show that pictures get 120% more engagement.  Use that to your advantage.  Look for ways to convey your message in a visual format:  photos, charts, and infographics.

Be Present and Responsive
If you want your ideal prospects to be regularly engaged with your page, be sure you’re regularly engaged with your page.  Add new updates on a consistent basis to ensure that you’ll appear in news feeds.  Closely monitor your page for comments and if someone posts or comments – respond promptly.

Your Facebook page is an excellent way to gain visibility for your brand and build a loyal and enthusiastic community of customers and advocates.