SMS Marketing

SMS (Text Message) Marketing as Part of a Mobile Marketing Strategy

smsSMS stands for Short Message Service, and it is what is otherwise known as Text Messaging.  SMS marketing is the latest form of mobile marketing, and it’s quickly becoming popular as another way of engaging clients and prospects.  It basically works like this: You create a message (or series of messages) and then broadcast them to people who have joined your SMS list.  That can be anyone who has a cell phone with text messaging capabilities, which are just about all cell phones today.

Text Messaging is Another Way to Engage Clients and Prospects

Text message marketing works more effectively than other forms of communication because of one reason: it goes to the people, rather than counting on the people to come to it. In addition, you can increase the number of your subscribers and bring your message to more and more people all the time! Because people can be virtually anywhere in the world to receive your message, you can reach a much larger number of people. Almost everybody reads the text messages they receive! In fact, in the United States, 94% of cell phone users with text message capabilities on their phone have said that they read every text message that they receive.

Consider also that when a person receives a text message and that’s their preferred way to find out about events, special offers, or useful tips, they are more open to receiving the message and more likely to follow through with the sender. Studies have shown that 39% of consumers in the United States prefer text messages to any other kind – that’s 76 million people! And the chances that your prospects or clients are somewhere in that mix is very good.

So what kinds of things can be part of an SMS Marketing campaign?  The answer to this lies in addressing the question of what your prospects or clients would want to hear about.  Prospective clients might want to know about upcoming events they can attend to get a feel for what you offer and how you operate, or they might be interested in following a “things you need to know” or “tips” message series.  Simply notifying them of decision deadlines that are upcoming could also be valuable to them.  Current clients might want to know about events, special offers, key calendar dates, awards and accolades, etc.  Remember, the goal of a SMS Marketing campaign is to create engagement and keep you top-of-mind.

Exactly how engaging can a short text message be, you may ask?  If the goal of the message is to simply keep you top-of-mind then having the recipient see it is all that is required.  But, if the goal is to cause them to take action, you will want to include a link to a web page where they can sign-up, write comments, view a video, etc.  In this way, you are using an offline method to drive on-line activity and that is where the bulk of your engaging and educational content is.

SMS Marketing is another way you can extend your reach to prospects and clients.  It can be a very cost effective way to stay top-of-mind and to create engagement, and it may even differentiate you form your competitors.  Consider adding it to your bag of marketing tricks.