Mobile Websites

Options for Mobile Websites

You have, basically, four choices for your website as it relates to mobile users:

  1. Do nothing – your website displays as it does on a PC only smaller
  2. Create a second version of your website for mobile traffic
  3. Build a custom application (app) for mobile users
  4. Convert your existing website to be “responsive”

Couple on the phoneGiven that an increasing share of all web traffic is coming from users on smartphones and tablets, doing nothing is simply not an option anymore.  If a user comes to your website using a mobile device and it is hard to read due to small size or only being able see part of the page at a time, that user likely won’t hang around long; a “bounced” visitor is a wasted opportunity.

Creating a second version of your website that is shown only to mobile users is an option, but it has two drawbacks.  First, you still need to contend with displays of various sizes for large tablets down to small smartphones.  Second, you will have to maintain similar content on two (or more) different websites.  This adds more work, and for very large sites, can be a formidable task.

Having a custom application (app) developed for your business may make sense in order to meet specific needs, but is overkill for most businesses and it can be expensive.  So unless the experience that you want to provide your visitor includes accessing specific features on their device such as the camera, microphone, GPS, etc., why spend money on something that can be accomplished in a more cost effective manner?

“Responsive” website design is what makes sense for many businesses.  In a responsive design, there is only one website to maintain, and the layout and even the selection of what content to display is controlled by the websites “template” or “theme”.  Having a responsive theme developed for your website is relatively inexpensive, and you can maintain your content in one place.

So, there is really no reason not to have a mobile website, and many reasons why you must have one.