Mobile Marketing

Meet your Customers and Future Customers Online Wherever, Whenever

Teenage Girls Sitting Outside Playing With Mobile PhoneWe live in a mobile society, and this mobility is being reflected in increasing usage of tablets and smartphones to not only communicate, but also to access information.  For example, it is now commonplace for someone who decides to eat out while running errands to find a nearby a restaurant that serves what they crave, check the menu, and get directions using their smartphone.  Tapping into this mobility with your marketing opens up new avenues for keeping in touch with customers and for connecting with new customers.

A 2013 report from comScore titled “Mobile Future in Focus” had this to say: “Multi-platform consumption is today’s new reality.  1 in 3 minutes spent online is now spent beyond the PC.”  “Beyond the PC” translates to tablets and smartphones.  So with the trend pointing toward even more online interactions being via mobile devices, having mobile be part of your online strategy and leveraging mobile for your marketing is no longer an option, it is a requirement.

As with any other aspect of your marketing system, strategy should always come before tactics.  Depending on your needs some aspects of a mobile strategy may be more or less attractive than others.

The key elements of a Mobile Marketing campaign are Mobile Websites, Mobile Click-to-Call, SMS Marketing (text messaging), and QR Codes.  Having a mobile website ensures that the 1 out of every 3 visits to your site will give the visitor a positive experience.  One thing is certain, if someone visits your site from a mobile device and it is hard to read or navigate, they probably won’t stay long. 

Location-based apps can be used to create buzz and engagement when people “check-in” at your location.  SMS Marketing opens up interesting possibilities for pushing snippets of content to your audience, and QR Codes give people the ability to scan a code related to something they see and be taken to information, a video, a sign-up form, etc.

Mobile marketing extends your reach while at the same time giving people more options for how they participate in your online presence.  It allows you meet people on their terms and to cultivate “know, like, and trust” in new ways.

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