Local SEO

ecommerceGone are the days of building it and they will come.  Simply putting up a website and describing your products and/or services online doesn’t mean anyone will ever find you and that’s the biggest reason for incorporating Local SEO into your cabinet business marketing plan. Getting found online is the key to bringing in new prospects.

Local SEO involves incorporating specific techniques to get your name, your website, and your business information out to those that are most likely going to see it and use it. It involves planning your website development and your online marketing such that those who need what you do, can find you. Very simply, local SEO is targeting your website and your online marketing efforts to a local population rather than a much larger global population. There are several reasons why you need local SEO for your business:

Local SEO is Highly Targeted and Timely

Getting your name in front of the people who want what you offer when they need it is critical to your business success. It doesn’t matter what we buy today, we do as much as 80% or more of our research online.  And in order for you to be able to make an impact during that research, you want to make sure that your business is easily found.

Local SEO Allows People to Find You Easier on the Move

Local SEO allows people to find you when they need you most.  And sometimes that’s when they’re on the go.  Local SEO can be used to help you get found on mobile phones and other smart devices.  Not only are all of the same local SEO tools used by the search engines on a mobile browser, but many apps are now available that are tailored to specific industries and local businesses.

Local SEO is Helpful in Finding Reviews

Online business reviews are huge in today’s marketplace.  When prospects are searching for solutions, they frequently look to the reviews that come up while doing their research.  These reviews help to deliver credibility and instill trust and proof that you are a reliable local source and that’s why they should be part of your local SEO marketing efforts.

These are just a few of the local SEO techniques that can be used to help your cabinet business get found by local customers.  But you’re a business owner and you’re busy just delivering your products and/or services so who has time to worry about local SEO?  If you really want better insights and faster results, we will provide recommendations for improving your online marketing. Contact us today by completing our no-obligation Local SEO Analysis and you will receive a review of your current SEO strategies and suggestions for making improvement.