Directory Marketing

Looking for a solutionOnline directories can help your kitchen and bath cabinet business expand its website traffic and increase the likelihood that you will get found by those who need what you do.

An online directory is a website submission service that allows you to add your website url to a specific category where it can be searched for by interested internet users.  These searchable directories have become very powerful because the search engines are viewing them as a credible source of information.  As a result, directory listings are coming up higher and higher in search engine results.  So they provide valuable search results and a host of other important benefits.


If online viewers can see your website or don’t even know it exists, then they probably aren’t going to purchase your products or services.  Listing your business’ website in online directories helps your website to gain exposure to those interested in what you have to offer.

Increased Traffic

The more online real estate your cabinet business has, the more exposure your website will get and the more people are likely to visit it.  But online directories all offer exposure to the various search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Because these search engines now see these directories as credible sources of information, the search engines are returning results that include directory listings.

Inexpensive Advertising

Online directories are relatively inexpensive to join and they offer a lot of exposure for the price of admission.  Some directories are free and others will charge a minimal fee.  Either way, you are increasing your exposure and even heightening your credibility when your business appears in a number of places online.

There are many different types of online directories including large global directories and small, niche and location specific directories.  Listing your website on several online directories will help people find your website.  If you’d like more information or help building your presence in an online directory give Cabinet Dealers Marketing a call.