Online Marketing


Today, more than ever, having a lead generating online presence for your kitchen and bath cabinet business is essential. No longer will a dated brochure style website generate the quantity and quality of leads required to grow you business.

The internet continues to change how purchasing decisions are made.  Even when people have an idea of a product or service they want to purchase, they are going online and doing research before making the final decision.  If they go online to do the research, will they find your website and positive reviews about your company?

How are you driving traffic to your website?  If your prospects don’t already know your business name, what strategy do you have in place to help them find you?  One of the ways that your website can become more visible is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Developing a strategy to increase your online rankings will help you to navigate through this new marketing outlet and result in increased business.

Today there are many tools beyond your website that will help prospects find you. Directory marketing, online reviews and video marketing are all excellent tools for driving traffic to your website. Also, don’t ignore online advertising either. When done properly, it can be a great tool for finding more business.

Once you have an online marketing strategy in place to drive traffic to your website, developing your website into more than an online brochure is essential, the goal is for your website to become a lead generating machine. Think of your website as your online office or store.  Once people land on your website, how will you greet them?  How will you capture their contact information so you can stay in touch with them?  What will you offer them so that they leave with something to remember you by? If they came into your office or store, you’d do these things, so now it’s time to get your website doing these things as well.