Webinar Marketing

Webinar technology is rapidly changing which makes it an effective lead generation tool for education and training.  Instead of meeting with prospects one-on-one and making dozens of presentations, webinars can be used to meet with many people at one time.  They allow your prospects to learn more about your operation without giving up valuable work or family time.

If you are looking for new prospects, creating a webinar series can attract people that are interested in your product/service that might not otherwise find your organization.  Once the webinar is created, it is important to strategy for promoting the event.  Consider multiple channels for promotion such as advertising, telemarketing, social media or invite prospects using direct mail postcards.  Another effective way to reach a new audience is to co-sponsor your webinar with other professionals and ask them to invite their database.

During a webinar, you can share pictures, websites, Power Point presentations and other applications on your computer such as Excel or Word.   Typically the presenter provides outstanding content that is valuable to the audience, shares great tips and tells a story about why your school is right for attendees on the webinar.

If your webinar has a sales component, it should be brief.  Once the webinar is complete, it is essential to have a follow up program in place to contact attendees and those that registered but weren’t able to attend.  By recording the webinar, you’ll have another reason to reach out to both the attendee’s and those that registered but didn’t attend.

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