Video Marketing

Technology is constantly changing how small businesses market and the internet is certainly influencing such change. Because the internet has made access to marketing tactics like video marketing so much more affordable and accessible to use, videos have become one of the most used media outlets on the web.

Why Video Makes Great Content
People like to watch videos–particularly if the videos are relatively short, entertaining, and they can deliver a point in a short period of time.  Videos eliminate the need for reading, which many people appreciate, and often online viewers find videos to be a more exciting and intriguing way to learn.

The goal of any marketing video is to use the video to explain to potential customers the value of a company and their products and services.  Video marketing is perfect product demonstration detailing how to derive the most benefit or how to use the product or service.

SEO Benefits of Video
Probably the biggest reason video marketing has become so popular and effective is simply due to the SEO benefits derived by posting company videos to the internet.  Also, because Google owns YouTube, the most popular video posting site, is another reason video marketing delivers significant SEO benefits.  In order to take advantage of the SEO benefits, you do need to understand some key optimization features within YouTube itself, however, even with minimal knowledge of these tools, video still provides significant benefit.

Combining search engine optimization techniques with videos has several benefits and helps to ensure that online viewers will see them first in their search results.  Using targeted keywords and phrases and other SEO techniques in the video’s construction, the video will already receive higher search engine results.  Studies also indicate that the majority of online users are looking to major search engines such as Bing and Google to find their online content.  Video SEO techniques have an advantage over more traditional text pages in the eyes of search engines.

Using Video Marketing
There are a tremendous number of ways in which a business can use video marketing to enhance its online presence and increase awareness.  One of the best reasons to use video marketing is because it is possible to incorporate many different types and styles of videos into an overall strategy.  Successful video marketing should include the following types of video:

  • Company video profiles give prospects an opportunity to get to know the business and build trust.
  • Staff video profiles help to establish a level of authenticity.
  • Tours of the company allow prospects to see what it’s like inside your company.
  • Testimonial videos provide proof that clients like working with you and find benefit.
  • Case study videos demonstrate the value and outcomes of working with you.
  • Training videos.  Show your customers how to get the most from your products and services.
  • Industry news or commentary videos show the business as an expert in your niche.

The best video marketing campaigns incorporate a variety of these different types of videos into their marketing strategy.  Including a variety of video allows a business to reach as many viewers as possible and this increases the chances of getting found online.

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