Email Marketing

It’s not uncommon today to hear someone say ‘email marketing is dead’, however, that simply isn’t true.  More than 90% of Americans have email addresses that they now access on their phones and other devices they keep with them all the time.  Email marketing is still a very efficient and effective way to market to those who are interested in what you sell.

Email marketing is a very viable marketing tactic for most business simply because it is one of the most cost effective ways to get your message in front of potential customers. But there are a list of other reasons why email marketing is a very effective tool.

Cost Effective
Email marketing is an extremely cost effective means of keeping your business top of mind with prospects.  Even if you need to hire an email marketing expert to assist you, the cost per reach is extremely affordable in relation to other forms of media like print, radio or television.

With traditional marketing campaigns delivered through other media forms, you are subject to deadlines and timelines that might not work for what it is that you intend to offer or deliver.  With email marketing, you control the timeliness of your communications and how frequently you want to deliver those messages.

Despite that fact that you will use some form of automation to deliver your email campaigns more efficiently, you still have the ability to customize your messaging.  By customizing your messages your message can sound much more personal and conversational.  And your audience gets to consume your message on their own terms, rather than being interrupted during family or work time.

Email marketing services have incorporated an incredible number of tracking methodologies for us to really be able to determine the effectiveness of our mailings.  We can track open rates, how many times people click on links and which links they interact with.

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