Direct Mail Marketing

A small business marketing plan should include a variety of both online and offline marketing tactics.  While the effectiveness of some marketing tactics might be better than others, the most important thing to remember is that when you integrate various tactics, online and offline together, they’re so much more powerful.

And that is very much true for direct marketing today.  Direct marketing has been around for many years, but fewer companies are using it today simply because of the draw to digital techniques.  But it’s still a very viable form of lead generation when using a targeted list and combining it with some digital techniques that can help you track its return on investment.

Direct marketing refers to the practice of sending something out to a targeted list of prospects, most often using the postal service, but another form of delivery is perfectly acceptable as well.  The postal service is usually selected simply because of its availability and overall affordability.  The concept behind direct mail is simply that you are sending something tangible directly to an individual or a business for the purposes of generating interest in your business.

Why Is Direct Marketing Effective?
There are several reasons why direct marketing is a viable marketing tactic.  One of the best reasons is because, in today’s environment, it can make you much more memorable than the other company that simply sent out an email.  The tangible nature of direct marketing is what’s appealing because it helps you stand out from the crowd.

Depending on what you’re sending, it can make you stand out even further.  In some cases, you might only send a post card or a maybe even a letter addressed to an individual, and in other cases, you might send a trinket or something relevant to your business that an individual or company will keep around.  When these items are kept and used, they keep your business brand in front of the audience for an extended period of time and that’s useful.

The primary benefits of direct mail marketing are:

  • Developing name and brand recognition
  • Offer something of value to get the individual to raise their hand
  • Collect contact information for future marketing

How To Track Direct Mail
Previously, the issue with direct mail was that it was hard to track.  The only way you could track your results was to ask a prospect how they came across your business.  With direct mail, you can offer complimentary information and reports that are downloaded online, and, if you put the right pieces in place, you’ll be able to collect email addresses and contact information or those people who raise their hand and get the complimentary information.  Combing direct mail with some digital techniques makes it very easy to track results.

The concept here then is to continue to market to these individuals and to nurture them through the buying process.  Many are not ready to buy initially and need more education and you can use the prospect nurturing process to continue to market to them and educate them about your products and services.

Direct Mail Marketing is still a very viable form of lead generation and it’s a great nurturing tool as well.  If you’re not using direct mail marketing in your business today, think about it.  If you’re ready to move forward with direct mail marketing for your business, but need a little help, contact us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.