How Drip Email Marketing Automates Market Education for Cabinet Dealers

dripfeedOne of the best things about email marketing technology is the ability to set up drip campaigns. A drip campaign is simply a method of disseminating information to your market based on when they sign up. You’ll create a series of email marketing messages that will go out during periodic times. What the subscriber who signs up today will get is email 1, while another subscriber who has been a member for a few weeks may be on email 40.

This is a fabulous feature for an email marketing technology to have, because it puts all of your marketing education on autopilot. Depending on where your subscriber signed up for your list, or where in the product funnel they landed on your list, will depend on which messages they get based on market segmentation. Once it’s set up in the email technology, it runs without much thought.

One of the first things you want to do with your new subscribers, especially subscribers who have not yet been converted to customers, is to educate them about your products and/or services. You don’t want to use the drip campaigns to send advertisements and pitchy campaigns. You want to use your drip campaigns to build a relationship with the subscriber so that they understand the benefits of buying your products or services.

Each drip email should be focused and to the point. Don’t talk about more than one to three points in each of these evergreen automated emails. Your readers are going to be more impressed if the emails are passionate, relevant, interesting and fulfill their needs. They should still always include a call to action, but your call to action does not always have to be “buy me”.

By creating a series of email marketing messages based on who is going to receive them, and when and where they entered your email marketing funnel as well as where they are on your product funnel, you will create a very powerful automatic email marketing gold mine. But, you need to learn how to write well-formed messages and use your email list technology properly to be successful.

Once you identify the different ways someone can enter your mailing list, then you can start creating different drip campaigns for your autoresponder based on how subscribers are subscribing. Did they buy a product? If they did, your autoresponder campaign directed at them is going to be very different than someone who entered your email list by signing up to receive a free report. In fact, you will have several lists based on the different entry points of your product and marketing funnels.

That may sound like a lot of work but the fact is, you only have to do it once, and then each time you create a new product. You can automate your email marketing so that when a subscriber clicks a link and buys something they get switched to the right list for them so that they’re always receiving automatic, relevant, and interesting content. Nothing could be easier or more effective when it comes to email marketing.